The Best Bed EVER

Mattress shopping was probably one of the most painful things we’ve ever done. Mostly because we were unaware (and also disagree with) of the fact that mattresses cost one MILLION dollars. Seriously, I had no idea. But we are adults and needed a mattress, and although we fit just fine in a queen, thought that since we were going to sell our kidneys to pay anyway, we may as well indulge in a king. And what a good choice it was. We began and ended at mattress depot in Bellevue, with a non-name brand plush comfort select something something I don’t really know. All I know is the scientific results:

-Common elbows to the back
-Waking up every time the other person got up
-Waking up every time the other person was restless
-Difficulty getting comfortable

-Is Aaron even in this bed? Where is he?
-Aaron cannot guess how many times I have gone to the bathroom in the night
-Aaron was tossing and turning? Who knew?

I love my bed. This is the most best bed ever ever ever ever. And I’ve slept in a lot of really awesome beds. So the moral of this story is: I am really happy to have my bed, even if it means crying when the credit card bill comes. Probably anyone who has bought a mattress before will just laugh at me, but sometimes buying adult things is rough.

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One Response to The Best Bed EVER

  1. amy says:

    king bed = smart move

    now little melody and harmon can nap with you and you will all have room to wiggle!

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