Impatiently Waiting

So, our appointment with the midwife is at 4, and the ultrasound guy is coming at 430. I managed to plan my day so I would have lots of really great stuff to do, but now I’m out of stuff, so I’m pretty anxious. I rejoiced going back to water aerobics this morning, the ladies were totally jealous of my awesome stylish aqua socks (thanks mom). Then I treated myself to Baby Mama which I had been intending to see for a while (before the beloved jury duty) because Aaron said it would be a good movie to see with a friend. So I saw it with myself, because I’m a good friend. Also, Aaron wouldn’t have hated it like he thought. And then I visited Justin at work, and should plug Lucky Strike bowling alley as a really cool looking place.

And now I’m home. In about an hour and fifteen minutes I can go pick up Aaron. And then I can drive to the midwife’s office. And then I can chat impatiently with the midwife until 430. Really today has been the only hard waiting day, but Aaron says he couldn’t sleep because he was thinking about it forever. Silly us. Oh, and also if you are reading this and it’s before 430, you can totally still vote, because I like sending prizes. But vote on the other post, not this one.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I think it’s a girl! 😀

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