I guess I have a lot to say today, because it’s been a while. Oops number one: Last week it was determined that Aaron had lost his driver’s license. Normally I am really good at finding things, but told him I had a feeling it was gone. We had been filling out boat loan applications, apartment rental forms, etc, and it could have gotten lost in a pile of papers and thrown away. But who knows, maybe it’s still in a box somewhere. At any rate, yesterday he got a new one, but I was still sad because his old picture was probably the best driver’s license photo ever. If we find it again I will surely post it.

Oops number two was on Monday when Aaron felt in order to wash his hands effectively he really should just get in the lake. A couple minutes later he realized that his wedding ring had decided to stay in the water. The good news is I had bought him an inexpensive ring because I thought he would probably scratch it up a lot (which he did) so it wasn’t too much of a loss. Plus Jake and AJ told us how we can get another great ring on ebay for only $6.99. I will probably get a few spares, just in case. But don’t tell Aaron.

Oops number three is allegedly my fault. Yesterday Aaron planted some tomato plants he bought from a guy at work, and was sad he got his favorite pants all dirty. He scrubbed the knees and I threw them immediately into the wash. Later when wondering if the stains had come out I pulled them out of the dryer (still wet) and lo and behold what is in his pocket? His passport he had taken to work to get his new driver’s license. Note to self: always check pockets. Always always always always.

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2 Responses to Oops

  1. Penny says:

    Sorry, I made a boo-boo on the first post. I’ll try again…

    Gee, you must be in mourning after all those losses.

    Uncle David lost his ring in the very same way, shortly after we were married, but in the Gulf of Mexico — Panama City, Florida. We felt terrible. I replaced it but with a cheaper model.

    I have my second set of rings, too. About six years ago (or more) I woke and they were missing from my finger. One thought is when I had been trying on clothes at a department store a day or so before, worried about snagging them, and left them on one of those little shelves in the corner of a dressing room. It makes me sick to think about it, because I had them for over 25 years.

    A year ago UD replaced them with a prettier set, but I still miss my originals.

    Hopefully this will be a better week for you with regard to losses! How about “finds?”


  2. Sarah says:

    Years ago Matt and I bought a scary used dryer and we found someone’s military ID in the back along with some burnt baby socks.

    We got rid of it for some reason. Oh yeah, because it took three times to dry our clothes, yet it somehow managed to burn whatever it ate.

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