Fat Belly

It’s true I have been neglectful in showing any photos of my growing waistline, but the main reason for that is that I am the most unphotogenic person alive. I mostly get mad at Aaron for taking ugly pictures of me, but I know it’s not his fault really. So, here I give you Kelsey’s fat belly at 19 weeks.

This one is totally good because you can’t see my face. Classy sillohette.

This one I had to argue with myself about putting in here, because it’s pretty horrifying, but I decided it was funny enough to do it. This is me after Aaron told me it just looked fat, not like a baby. I probably beat him right after this picture.

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One Response to Fat Belly

  1. aarone says:

    Mom’s right. You don’t look pregnant or fat in these pictures, but you totally do in real life.

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