Ecuador Part 1

Harmon is finally napping so I thought I could steal a minute and blog our trip so far. Flights were on-time, we had our own flight from Houston to Quito, our taxi guy showed up, our hotel was good, we made the flight to Cuenca today, and all is good. The Roseros were waiting for us at the airport, because they are like that, even though we told them we were coming to the house in a taxi. Harmon seems to be quite taken with them, especially Ishy’s hair, but Ishy has extra so Harmon will pull some out to make himself a wig.

Harmon was so good on the flights, better than we could have hoped for. Plus traveling with a baby gets you perks like the short line through immigration, and boarding the plane first. Probably the funniest part was landing in Quito last night they made everyone wear a mask. That’s right, like in case you have swine bird or guinea pig flu. Then we had to walk by the camera sensor thing just to make sure our temperatures weren’t too high. Harmon seemed to enjoy his mask ok:

Also we seem to attract the same lady every time we travel. You know her. She is the one sneaking up behind you to cut in line. She will come to your side, then ever so “sneakily” pass you by. Then you have to decide if you are going to call her out or not. In Houston when she cut us in the getting your passport checked before boarding line we let it go, even though she needed chopped. When she was trying to pass us in the immigration line, after almost passing the people behind us, we were in no mood for her. Plus apparently the mask rule didn’t apply to her. Or her neck was the contagious part of her body. She didn’t manage to bypass us in that line, but as we were being helped we looked back to see her passing the couple with the 2 year old and crying baby, with the lady at our immigration counter yelling to the other counter not to let her go because she was cutting. Unfortunately her plan was not thwarted. I can only assume she was in the short line because she has a disability. You know, being more important than everyone else.

Anyway, things are great. More later.

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3 Responses to Ecuador Part 1

  1. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your adventures! You are much braver than I am. :)

  2. Brower Family says:

    I am SO jealous!! Someday I will make it back there! Have a blast! Tell the Rosero’s hi for me!

  3. Penny says:

    You guys amaze me. Don’t drink the water — you knew that. Have fun — doing it already. Stay safe — Harmon will protect you.

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