I <3 Ecuador

I have to admit that I cried when we landed in Cuenca. I’d like to blame pregnancy, but I think it’s more the fact that Cuenca will always feel like home to me.

There are so many big and little things that I love and miss about Ecuador. Most of them I don’t think of at all, until I’m back. And some I didn’t even like when I lived here, but being here makes me like them. Here is a little (or big) list of things I love.

1. The Roseros, obviously
2. The car alarms. Everyone has the same one, you would never know if it was yours going off. And they have the same set pattern of 5 different alarm noises which become quite predictable after a short while.
3. Cheap fresh fruit & veggies
4. The trucks that drive around with a voice on a loud speaker calling out: “duraznos duraznos, 10 duraznos un dollar”
5. Mote, which is like giant exploding corn (hominy) but 3000 times better
6. Aji, a sauce made from the aji pepper
7. Sun turning to torrential downpour in 30 seconds without warning
8. Nuns, especially Sor Teresa
9. Locro de papas (potato soup made from potatoes and pretty much just butter)
10. The way Ishy & Sammy hug me when they get home from school
11. The OSSO house, and all the memories like blanket sledding down the stairs with Mikel, or sleepovers on the deck with Jess & Jill, hiding under Jen’s bed for a half hour to scare her, being locked out, the horrible floor polish smell, painting my room green, meeting new best friends and then having to say goodbye, laughing so hard you cry, crying so hard you can’t breathe and then have to laugh, comforting and being comforted by others, making popcorn, the french fry diet, being saved by Ashley’s gatorade deliveries, Emme’s guitar playing, Jade’s falling up skills, TeElle’s “entra no mas!”, sitting around on the floor talking about our crushes or boyfriends, eating finch eggs with Adam, meeting Rex for the first time, playing with Daniela, hours spent playing with Sammy & Ishy, and many, many more
12. The many different things honking means: I’m turning left, I’m right behind you, get out of the way, hey good lookin’, hi friend, let’s race, no one is around let me make sure my horn still works
13. Cold showers at least 50% of the time
14. How 70 degrees is “cold” and requires jackets and scarves
15. The ease of which you can do many difficult things
16. The difficulty involved with many simple things
17. Most of all, the kids. Who I still love more than I will ever understand, for all they gave me, and for helping me to become the person I am trying to be.

There’s a lot more, but Harmon is now ready for some playing, and you are bored of reading. It was for me anyway though :)

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4 Responses to I <3 Ecuador

  1. Sarah says:

    That’s awesome! It makes me want to take my kids on an adventure.


    I wish I could be there. While I was in Italy we worked with a lot of people from Cuenca and other parts of Ecuador they always mentioned how cold Cuenca is. I don’t get it I think the weather is perfect. I miss it. How are the kids doing?

  3. Zak and Kellee says:

    oh how I wish I were with you guys. Reading your post brings up the part of my heart that still aches to be there. Give the roseros a hug from me. Please post pictures!

  4. Brower Family says:

    you make me emotional just by reading your post! (And, no, I am not pregnant!) Oh, how I miss that wonderful place. I love hearing about it and just picturing you in that house right this second. How wonderful it is that you get to go back!

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