Allison at 5 months

This blog is kind of pathetic.  Something about having 3 kids 4 & under and a hobby/small business leaves little time/energy for blogging.  You might argue that blogging doesn’t take any energy but you’d be wrong.

Anyway, here is a little post about our favorite baby.  Allison is now 5 months old and loves life.  Unless she is in a carseat, but other than that is a one happy girl.  She is constantly smiling and occasionally bringing delight with her laugh.  On Easter her jealousy of our food peaked and we started her on some baby oatmeal.  She loved it and has so far enjoyed sweet potatoes & pears, but her most favorite was when she got to suck on a pickle.  Sammy continues to adore her baby sister, and is excited because she has realized she can pick her up by herself.  I am not as excited about this development.  Harmon takes pride in being able to calm Allison down in the car by using a goofy voice.  Allison loves playing with her little stuffed animals, balls, and rattles.  She can roll from front to back and almost from back to front (her giant head seems to get in the way).  Allison suffers from really bad eczema, but tolerates all the different creams and potions her mother is trying on her.  She loves the wind blowing on her, taking baths, tummy time, watching her siblings, and walking with dad.  But mostly she loves mom.  Not that I am biased though.  We sure love our Allison Kate!  I will end this awesome mommy post with some photos of my sweet baby.

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2 Responses to Allison at 5 months

  1. natalie smith says:

    wow! time flies. she is adorable!!! i can’t believe five months has passed.

  2. Amy says:

    Im so happy I got to meet the newest Evans–she is just as darling as her siblings, which is saying something.

    That pic of you two on the carousel is beautiful and should be framed.

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