The Happenings

I swear I have lots of ideas for good blogs, until I sit down at the computer.  Instead here is a random list of things.

-I finished doing Fox Lips for the summer.  It is way too hot to mail something that melts at 80 degrees.  My last hoorah was a craft show in Draper where I sold lots and lots of Hard Lotion Bars and many lip balms.  It was a happy event, as my other two previous forays into booth having were unsuccessful.  It probably helped that I sat at this one and could tell people what exactly was going on at my table.  I will pick it back up again in the fall.

-Allison can army crawl, roll, scoot, and do whatever she needs to get where she wants.  This is terrible to me, but is much loved by everyone else.  Her favorite things are anything made out of paper and cords.  And hair.  I feel like a genius because I will give her a chunk of parchment paper which she can’t eat because it won’t dissolve.  Win-win.

-I threw a surprise party for Aaron’s birthday last week.  It was awesome and it was even a surprise.  Probably the most surprising part was how I didn’t freak out before 20ish people came over to my house.  Ok I did, but only on the inside so I wouldn’t give it away.  I hope I am not expected to never freak out again, because that will be impossible.

-We have some lovely camping trips planned for the summer, but I worry about how these will go as I cannot get Sammy to sleep in a tent successfully in our playroom or in our yard.

-I currently am making 4 quilts.  I think I should only be allowed one at a time so I can actually finish one.  Also I should not be allowed to buy anymore fabric until I use what I have.  Someone has a problem…

-We have lived in Utah for almost a year.  And we like it.  Aaron built some amazing raised beds in the backyard and his garden is well underway.  He must have liked building it, because he is now currently engrossed in rebuilding a play structure/swingset we got from my cousin.  The kids love the platform and slide that are finished, but now there is a new hazard in my backyard which I am rethinking…

-This was boring.  But maybe it will make me blog more.

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2 Responses to The Happenings

  1. Amy says:

    Boring schmoring, that parchment paper idea is the work of a genius! Now you haveno excuse not to come visit! Perfect car toy :)

  2. kelsey says:

    I am so lazy I just wanted to like your comment instead of having to type back to you. The end.

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