Hooray for Aaron!

My wonderful husband fixed the blog.  And he even reset my password that I reset but forgot.  So now you better leave some comments because you can.  Ok, you don’t have to leave them on this post.  But you can, you know, to tell me how much you love me or missed me or whatever.

In other awesome news I will be selling Fox Lips at a 4 day craft show in Ogden, UT.  I am a lot excited and a bit nervous as it starts a week from today and I just found out yesterday that they are taking me. (I applied for a show in May and they had room next week and told me to come!)  Ok, I am off to make a lot of lip balm and build a display, wish me luck!

In case you want to visit my stuff at the show (I won’t be there full time, it’s a central checkout show) http://simpletreasuresboutique.biz/2013-ogden-spring/

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  1. josh says:

    Hope it goes great for ya! might stop in I have the chance.

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