You know you’re a shut-in when…

You are watching TV and it says “the snow continues” and you don’t believe it so instead of looking outside you check the weather on the internet, and then when it confirms this, you then go to look outside and are shocked when you pull up the blinds and there is an inch of snow.

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One Response to You know you’re a shut-in when…

  1. Leslie says:

    lol. That’s EXACTLY how I feel. I shush people when they say “another snowstorm is coming”. I’m like SHHHHHHH… don’t say it!!!!!!!

    And thanks for your comments. I really dislike when people tell me “i’m crazy” or give me that look like I’m making it all up. Glad to know it’s not just me! Last night I was cleaning my house for about 3 hours, and when I’d bend over and stand up a lot in a short period of time, I definitely heard about it from the little alien! :)

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