Which Side of the Street

I made a new rule today, one I plan to enforce until after Carnival. It started on Thursday walking home from the passport extension place. We were minding our own business, when WHAM! “OWWWW!” And then it took me a minute to realize I had been hit hard in the back with a waterballoon, not a glass bottle. Good thing we were pretty surprised/shocked, or else some Ecuadorians would have gotten beat by my husband. After the fact it still took him a half hour to calm down. Me about half that time. Waterballoons and eggs are pretty normal occurances here during the 3 days of Carnival, but that isn’t until February… Today I was walking to go teach a self-esteem class, when a driver wearing a scream mask drives by and his 8-year-old attempts to throw a waterballoon at me. He misses because… I am walking to fast? Or because he is 8 or has bad aim. Either way, the new rule is: on all the one way streets in town (which is most) only walk towards traffic, so at least you can see it coming at you. And also, I have decided probably the driver’s side of the street is preferred because less of a chance of thrower on that side. And come February, I will have my tennis racket ready.

The country of Ecuador wants to throw us out before the date on our return tickets in April. We carefully calculated the maximum days allowed, but since we were here in 2006 in December the computer is counting that as days, so we don’t have enough days. We are looking into different ways to get around this (like leaving the country for a bit) but will probably just end up changing our tickets to a week or so earlier. Then to come back within the next year we will have to apply for a visa, which is annoying. But the fine for “illegally residing in Ecuador” is $200 each so I think we will try to avoid that.

Aaron’s parents are coming in a week and a half. We are really excited to see them. We have been thinking of all the really fun and great things we will do when they get here. Also, church changed to 8am this year, something that is awful for me, especially with the “restobar” playing horrible “music” all night long.

I had something else to write about, but I forgot it now.

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  1. amy says:

    did you know i was egged twice as a freshman at BYU? as in, sitting outside the dorms. actually, once sitting and once standing. but egged twice is unusual anywhere–i would think especially at byu. this is a little-known fact about me, but now you know it.

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