Benefits of Sickness

Sometime after Christmas I fell sick with a deathly cold. I quickly recovered, but in the mean time got the idea to make one million felt dogs. I found this great pattern here on allsorts. Pretty much that is a great website as well, and I intend to make the crazy nine patch quilt someday soon. Anyway, mine aren’t as cute as theirs, but I made 4 for the kids who just got adopted, and another 16 for the kids at the toddler orphanage ages 2-5. They were a big hit when we took them today.

This is one. They all pretty much look like this, but I felt like an idiot even taking a picture, so I couldn’t bring myself to individually photograph each one.

This is the line up of the ones taken to the kids at the orphanage.

I did this because it made me laugh. I mean come on, pictures of felt dogs?

I have found I have a lot of random free time and decided to find some way to fill it. The dogs came first, and quilting has come next. I started on this awesome cathedral window quilt found here on hyena in petticoats. I am only about 4 windows into it, so maybe in a week or so I will post a picture of my progress. But it is insanely awesome. Probably I should point out that I’m doing the whole thing by hand, which was a point of great shock for some people. But it’s really quite easy. Additionally, I got a sewing machine I bought myself for Christmas that Aaron’s parents are bringing down (they cost more than double here). Aaron thinks that people might find that really amusing that I like sewing. “If you knew yourself, and found out you bought a sewing machine, wouldn’t you think that was kind of strange?” No.
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4 Responses to Benefits of Sickness

  1. Brittany says:

    super cute! i too LOVE the circle of dogs – very funny! i’ve been contemplating becoming a sewer but haven’t yet. so i think maybe you’ve feed my desire a little more and maybe by the end of the year i will have begun my new hobby.

    doughnut place – voodoo doughnuts
    super yummy!!!!

  2. shadylady says:

    I think those little doggies are cute!

    How much is that doggie in the window….

    I can just imagine those little kids excitement to get a new little toy! Now where is MY doggie?

  3. AJ says:

    Sorry that deleted comment is from me because I read it and it didn’t make any sense. Anyway, I was trying to say that I know we haven’t met yet but I think this is the coolest post ever. I love the dogs you made and the pics you took of them. The colors are amazing and so is your craftsmanship.The best part about the dogs is how you gave them away. I think you rock and hope to meet you someday.
    Jake says hello.

  4. vantastic says:

    oh quels…I never knew you were so crafty. Those projects are amazing! you are soooo great. loves.

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