We Really Did Go To Ecuador

I know you probably thought we lied, because you never saw any evidence. But we did. The rest of the trip was great, except for Harmon’s sleeping habits. We visited lots of orphanages, had a party with the ward, hung out with our good friends, and ate lots of tasty things. I feel like there should be something more exciting to say, but it was really a trip to go and visit people we love, not to do anything ultra amazing. We had a good time, and Harmon handled being passed around quite well. Even at the girl’s orphanage being girlhandled by 30 girls aged 4-24. He was a well-loved and popular kid, and we had to make many promises to return again soon.

Here are some pictures, sadly the cutest ones seem to be at the orphanages, which I cannot post on the internet. The rest of our photos are here. Sorry for the ultimately long witheld and not very interesting post.

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5 Responses to We Really Did Go To Ecuador

  1. Sarah says:

    What great pictures! Harmon definitely looks like you. What a cutie.

  2. vanessa joie says:

    How awesome. I can't wait to go to Ecuador!

  3. Penny says:

    Is there teeth in that little guy's mouth? I need to see a close-up of Harmon. He really is a darling little boy. Thanks for sharing a bit of Ecuador with us. It must have been wonderful to go back again.

  4. Penny says:

    Oops! "Is there teeth…? I believe it should read, "Are there teeth…? I need to brush up on my grammar.

    I'm still trying to get used to the phrase "these are they". Who says that, except teachers? My best friend used it once, after we found what we were looking for in a store. I thought she was joking. I keep it safe and say, "Here it is!"

  5. Emme Packer Blog says:

    I hate you!

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