Things I don’t love: Changes to Easter Candy!!!

This one gets a lot of exclamation marks because seriously, why go and mess up something totally perfect?

Take Cadbury eggs. You were thinking I was going to complain about their smaller size, but I was actually going to talk about how horrible the newer (last 10 years? I’m old and don’t know when it switched) cream inside is. Anyone remember the gooey gooey centers of olden days, like a real egg? Ok not that runny, but not paste like now. Sheesh.

And what about whoppers taking over the “Robin’s Eggs” brand? Again, I like whoppers, but bring back Robin’s Eggs! Although I noticed this year that they brought back the capability of licking the egg and putting it on like pretty colored pastel lipsticks.

And why is it so hard to find a bag of normal flavored jelly beans? Sure, I like Jolly Rancher jelly beans a bit and Starburst aren’t so bad either, but I want a back full of delicious black licorice and red flavor jelly beans. Except I hate the reds, but at least they haven’t gone a-changin’.

I just asked Aaron which changes he hated and after Robin’s Eggs he said how Peeps now dissolve in the sun. He much preferred the days of non-biodegradable Peeps.

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3 Responses to Things I don’t love: Changes to Easter Candy!!!

  1. Amelia says:

    I am the freaking BIGGEST fan of putting the eggs on as lipstick… that’s the WHOLE ENTIRE REASON why I eat them in the 1st place…. not for the taste, but for the radical lipstick I can create…

  2. amy says:

    Amen and amen.

  3. v a n e s s a says:

    Okay, so I bought a Cadbury Egg the other day just for fun and I was SO disappointed in the non-gooey center! I thought I just got a dud but I guess not. LAME-O!

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