Project Foxfish… Or why we’ve been absent…

We have been hard at work around these parts. Some of us have been working on rolling over. But most of us already knew how, so we have been working on this:

It is essentially something I came up with to help out OSSO (Orphanage Support Services Organization), something you have probably heard me blabber on about a lot. If you haven’t, it’s the organization I went to Ecuador with in 2004 & 2007/2008 that sends volunteers and helps with orphanage funds.

Here is the bottom line of the project I am doing:

1. I make crafts/things like blankets, tutus, crayon rolls, etc and donate my time and the material
2. Kind people go to my shop and buy something, knowing that 100% is going to orphans
3. Extra kind people tell their friends, so they buy something too
4. Exponential growth, lots of money for orphans
5. Everyone rejoices

Two places to buy. For now: In the future my brilliant husband will work out all the bugs in the editing program and you will be able to buy things directly from (which he so kindly built for me), cutting out the posting and selling fees I have to pay on Etsy. That of course just equals more dollars for the kids. Stay tuned to the main website to keep updated on that.

So, if you need a baby gift, or a blanket, or a party decoration, or something, do check it out. It’s a pretty easy way to donate, and easy to get your friends to do the same.

Thanks in advance!!!

PS If you are amazingly talented and make some sort of handmade item you would be willing to donate to be sold, please email me or comment on here.

PPS I just realized that I left for Ecuador the first time 5 years ago yesterday. And then I got all teary.

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3 Responses to Project Foxfish… Or why we’ve been absent…

  1. Casey says:

    I’d be happy to donate something to your shop. :)

  2. Heladitos says:

    I would love to do Easter Baskets and tin can purses….but I think I should quit moving around first. I can tell how you to make these lovely items in the meantime if you are interested. The Easter Baskets fold flat so they can be stored easily year to year without being ruined.

  3. Marisa says:

    Okay that was weird, I used roboform to fill in my blogger identity and it automatically filled in my comment from a DIFFERENT BLOG. So that didn’t make any sense, sorry. What I MEANT to say is that I just checked out your blog for the first time and of course it’s awesome and I saw that you have my name on the sidebar so you already know I have a blog. It looks like you live in the Seattle area so email me at and I’d love to get together for lunch or something, my boys would eat up your adorable little baby, they keep asking me for one!

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