The wrong tooth

This week Harmon hasn’t slept much. That means mom hasn’t slept much either. They’ve both been champions, and Harmon rarely complains during the day. He is his usual happy self until about 6:30, and then wakes up all through the night.

Just now he started crying, but I think that’s more that he wants to use mom’s computer and she won’t let him. Things like that set him off more.

We figured he was teething, but it didn’t even look like his top teeth were budding yet. But yesterday, on the way home from Caelin’s baseball game (pop fly to right field — caught, and line drive past first base, RBI, two stolen bases, and a score) Kelsey found a tooth… off to the left side on top. Not one of his front teeth at all.

We were concerned, but her friend Billie (a pediatric dental expert) and the internet both assured us it’s okay, if not exactly normal.

He’s moaning, not exactly crying, again (maybe mom’s torturing him). When he was with me a few minutes ago in the middle of this post, he didn’t complain. Although he doesn’t seem to like blackberry jam, he keeps coming back for more.

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2 Responses to The wrong tooth

  1. Jacki says:

    Rachel’s teeth came in like that. It made for funny pictures. She is a happy adult with very normal teeth.

  2. aarone says:

    This publish date on this post was changed to be 24 hours previously than it was actually posted.

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