Last night, 4:30 am

Harmon was awake. We were both asleep. He nudged me and I woke up. There he was next to me, with a big smile, eyes wide open, feet firmly planted in mommy’s side. Don’t ask me how he got into the middle of the bed. For all I know he crawled out of his crib and jumped over mom. He’s got the legs for it, though our bed isn’t very springy.

He wanted to play. He’d roll back and forth between me and mommy, gently touching us, smiling, and of course kicking mom right where baby ALF was growing. I’d move his legs and he’d immediately turn back sideways.

This went on for about fifteen bleary, happy, tender minutes and I really wished he’d let mom sleep and be content to play and cuddle with me. Mom got up to get a snack when he was turned my way. When Harmon noticed she was gone, he started to fuss. So I got up and changed him, he cried, mom fed him, and we all went back to sleep.

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3 Responses to Last night, 4:30 am

  1. amy says:

    Can’t we at least call the fetus Melody? PLEASE?

  2. ai says:

    what does ALF stand for?

  3. aarone says:

    This publish date on this post was changed to be 24 hours previously

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