The Build Up. And why the UPS man can live.

Today I went to the dentist for a cleaning and checkup.  The dentist starts out raving: WOW!  Your teeth are so great!  Assistant!  Look at these teeth!  She is 31 and this is her original tooth with no fillings!  Wow!  Good work!  I hope your kids get your teeth too!

But eventually he has to stop and tell me in a slightly more sober voice: Well, like we have to tell just about everyone, you really need to floss more.  But!  I’m sure you know that, and otherwise your teeth look great!!!

I thought it was going to end there.  He transitions to: Ok, we have this funny spot we need to watch.  It is a bit gray, and we will just watch it.

More serious voice appears: Ok I have to show you something.  See these fillings you have on the x-ray?  Were those done in the last 6 months? {no.}  Ok, it looks like there is decay between the filling and the tooth.  Like maybe your last dentist didn’t clean out all the decay when he filled them.  It wouldn’t be that big of a deal because it looks small right now, but see how close it is to your nerve???  I am kinda worried.  Let’s fix that.

Then the whisper: See this here?  That is your bone level on your molars.  It looks awesome.  See this here?  This is the bone level on the front of your bottom teeth.  Not good.  Your teeth won’t fall out tonight, but…

Next time I would like a little more even approach Mr. Dentist.  Thanks in advance.


12:50pm Put baby down for nap
1:10pm Sucessfully get older kids down for nap and begin my unheard of nap
1:20pm Baby wakes up.  Get her back to sleep.  Miraculously resume nap.
1:40pm EVERYONE sleeping!  Ding-dong!  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  WHO CAN BE RINGING THE DOORBELL!  The UPS man never rings, and the neighbor girl always rings 20 times and knocks, and no one else ever comes over.  Horrible.  I ignore it, and maybe I can go back to sleep because everyone else kept sleeping.  I can’t.  I lay in bed mentally weeping because I needed a nap so badly.
1:50pm Baby wakes up and because her teeth hurt and I can’t get her back to sleep.  We go downstairs and I look out the front door to see if there were any packages.  I open the door shocked to find it blockaded by packages including 4 computer monitors (don’t ask) and other computer equipment.  Alright, that seems like a pretty reasonable reason to ring the doorbell.  Oh, and that and it was FedEx anyway.

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  1. Sarah L. says:

    Your dentist sounds like a real gem!

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