The best thing about being pregnant

Is blaming anything wrong with you on the baby. I don’t mean in a scapegoat kind of way. I am the type of person who when I have a stubbed toe, a sideache, or headache, I suddenly become convinced that I am dying. Generally I keep this to myself, as to not appear insane or a huge hypochondriac. Plus I’ve never died from any of these things, so I realize it’s totally unfounded. But while pregnant I find I never worry. Ouch, sore knee, must be pregnancy. Ugh my head hurts. Baby’s fault. Strange pain in my mid-section. Obviously I know what’s causing it.

So inside baby, thanks for making me worry a little less about dying. Even though I wasn’t really going to anyway.

PS “Alf” is what we call the inside baby, because when asked if he wanted a sister Harmon made no response, but when asked if he wanted a brother he smiled and when asked what we should name said brother he replied “Aaaaaaaaaaalllf”. Also good is that growing a baby is much like growing an alien inside of you, like an Alien Life Form for example. Aaron has just proposed “Another Little Fetus” would work too. Or Another Large Fetus.

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4 Responses to The best thing about being pregnant

  1. amy says:


    You people are so smart.

  2. ai says:

    LOL!! I actually figured it was Alien Life Form.

  3. Leslie says:

    Pretty cool huh? It’s wonderful that I can blame all my ditzy moments on “preggo brain”. Hmmm… what will I do when I’m not pregnant anymore? People will know I’m actually THAT forgetful and ditzy!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I loved the guilt-free naps.

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