Thanks and Dinner

First of all, you are awesome, all of you who gave into my shameless begging for more blogging. It keeps me sane, well almost.

Second, I have a food that I eat when I have the flu: popcorn. Normally microwave, but last night I decided that I actually wanted popcorn in the make it in the pan form. And that was dinner. I take that back, I decided that all food was horrible and the only thing that may possibly enter would be popcorn. For breakfast this morning I forced down chex with milk, and a bit later it decided to return to live in the toilet instead of my stomach. Lunch? No thanks, but you’re right, it was popcorn again. Nothing sounds good, the idea of putting anything into me is just awful. But Aaron is making soup for dinner so maybe I will try to ingest some nutrients. If not, back to popcorn. I take comfort in the fact that Pamy’s mom only ate poptarts while pregnant with her, and Lorena ate only chifles (fried plantains) while pregnant with Ishy, and both Pamy and Ishy seemed to turn out fine.

We will be back in Seattle on March 11th, and that’s coming up really fast, less than two weeks. That is both extremely exciting and sad. And also I have zero energy to pack up my things, if someone would just come over and do it for me? Great, thanks. I’ll even pay you some dollars. Looking forward to being back and seeing many of you and trying to cure myself of endless boredom. I will be sad to leave though, especially not doing much of anything to help in the last many weeks. But. We will be back. Someday. Soon.

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2 Responses to Thanks and Dinner

  1. Brittany says:

    welcome back! almost. if you’re going to montana that means we won’t see you for a while. but wyatt and i are considering taking your spots down there. wyatt doesn’t know this yet… good luck with the food. i think it is great that you eat popcorn. it sounds lovely (despite the circumstances).

  2. shadylady says:

    Popcorn is good. With Jamie, I ate a lot of green olives and Pepsi. With Jenna I ate a lot of Wendys cheeseburgers and Mountain Dew. With Rusty, I lay around groaning a lot. With Willie, I really don’t remember. I probably just ate everything.

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