Pregnancy Update-12 Weeks

Well, today I am 12 weeks, based on my new due date, based on who knows what. Now I’m “due” on October 12th, which isn’t as cool as 10-10-08, nor 10-9-08 but I will deal, since who knows what day the baby will really come. Also for those of you who thought that since I was using a midwife I was having the baby at home, you are mistaken. I will have it at a birthing center which if you don’t know is like a room like unto a hotel sort of room except cozy and for the birthing of babies. We went to our first real midwife visit and she did all the normal first visit things and we got to hear our baby’s heartbeat again. She put the machine on my belly and found it the second she put it on my belly. That was cool, but then I was worried that it may be twins, because come on, what is the baby doing hanging out near the top if it could be swimming all over? Right, anyway.

I am feeling a lot better than in Ecuador, I currently follow this routine: wake up, eat food immediately, 50% of the days throw up 1-2 hours later, eat second breakfast, eat snack, eat lunch, eat second lunch, eat snack, eat pre-dinner, eat dinner, eat dessert, eat nighttime snack. I have been feeling pretty junky at nighttime, so the midwife suggested I eat when I get up to go to the bathroom. So now I do that too, just a bite or two of something and it seems to help. Speaking of which, it’s not fair to have to go to the bathroom at least 7 times a night. So that’s really exciting, I know.

We flew to Montana yesterday to hang out with Aaron’s family. It’s really pretty and still quite a lot of snow on the ground, and was snowing last night and this morning, just a bit. We should be here for two weeks or so, until someone convinces Aaron to come back and take a job with them. So if you missed us while we were in Seattle, we’ll be back, and you should use the phone to call me so we can hang out. Ok boring post, that’s all.

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5 Responses to Pregnancy Update-12 Weeks

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Kelsey!

    Love your blog! You and Aaron should come over for dinner and games sometime. We could eat our favorite pregnant foods. I’m still looking for mine, but last night I found out it’s not chicken quesadillas. Bummer.


  2. AMB says:

    Hey Cutie!

    Congrats on the pregnancy! My mom did not bother to share this bit of news with me. It seems she neglects to pass on pertinet family information! I love your blog and I’m linking it to mine!

  3. shadylady says:

    Ah Kelsey! I see the girls have found your blog also!!!! They don’t seem to be as horrified by your writings as mine. Well, maybe not horrified, perhaps disgusted is a better term…..

    Love you!

  4. Penny says:

    Well, it’s just that she does not call me very often, so I’m punishing her!!! No, I did forget, and she calls often enough. It’s hard to balance wife, mommy, daughter, friend, and church worker — so I understand.

  5. Cheryloxx says:


    Your description of your eating schedule is HILARIOUS!!! I believe I have that same schedule. The nausea is getting less for me though I’m only at 9 weeks…YAY!

    I’m glad you’re going to be back in Seattle. I love your blog and I am hoping to start one soon too.


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