Don’t Do This.

Yesterday it was all beautiful and snowing, and I liked it. Even if it is spring. It’s Montana spring. We are staying out in the motorhome, and I had gone out to put on shoes so Aaron and I could go play in the snow. I thought I heard him come outside and so before coming out of the motorhome I opened the door a little and threatened him that if he hit me with a snowball he would surely die. I waited a bit and decided it was safe and came out to go down the steps. I guess I’ve never seen snow before or something, because I didn’t look, and hit the first step in my slippery sneakers and fell. Real hard. And as I am falling I am thinking “no I am pregnant I’m not allowed to fall this is bad” and trying to figure out some way to stop myself from falling, but obviously it’s too late. I managed to hit each step and the top step of the inside of the motorhome with all of my body. My butt now has the greatest bruise that is black and has scary wiggly lines coming out in all directions, my lower, middle, and upper back all have marks, and all hurt quite significantly today. It was probably the best fall I have managed in a real long time, and am glad to say that it was the backside instead of the front. Moral of the story: Don’t do this. And look before you walk down the stairs covered in a layer of ice and two inches of snow. Duh.

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3 Responses to Don’t Do This.

  1. amy says:

    i am so sorry about your bruising. the glass-filled bruise i got snowboarding (also not a good idea, in my opinion) is now green and thoroughly gross. so i guess we are bruise buddies. yup. bruise buddies. you heard me.

  2. Momeree says:

    Don’t worry about falling when you are pregnant. That’s what all that fat was designed to protect, not that you have any…When I was pregnant with you, my doctor let me go snow skiing and waterskiing. And of course there were those Disneyland rides…

  3. Amelia says:

    blagh that sucks! does it hurt worse than falling down the ladders at girls camp of the A Frames?

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