I just realized I haven’t posted in 9 or so days. That seems pretty unacceptable, because I hate when you guys take that long to post. But then I remembered that I don’t have anything to write about right this minute, and that seemed boringer than not posting at all. Then I remembered it was my birthday today and that I should declare it so you can all have the opportunity to wish me happy birthday today and not be embarassed you forgot. But then I figured you probably won’t read this until tomorrow or the next day, then you will be embarassed indeed.

Anyway. I’m still getting bigger, but not too much heavier which is good. I can’t breathe when I lay down, nor can I sleep very well at night. But I finally have begun to feel happy at my body, that it is doing such a good job of growing my baby. Even if it kinda hurts me. I promise to post a picture real soon, as I am now 7 months and/or almost 32 weeks if you like knowing weeks instead. The end.

P.S. It’s totally Brittany’s happy birthday today too!

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4 Responses to Missing

  1. Lois Draper says:

    Tis true I did not know it was your birthday. But Happy Birthday anyway! I bought some cute clothes for the baby the other day. Well, it will be for next summer. Robert and I think that you should drive the 7 hours to come and see us when you are in Libby. And you can bring Mom and Dad too.

  2. merebuff says:

    Happy happy birthday Kelsey! Good job with growing that baby!

  3. AMB says:

    Happy Birthday! Technically, I didn’t forget it was your birthday because I didn’t actually know it was your birthday.

  4. shadylady says:

    Actually, since I emailed you on your birthday, BEFORE you posted on your blog, I can totally truthfully say that I did NOT forget. Oh? and by the way, my birthday is on the 23rd, so a gentle reminder to WISH ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Love ya!

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