Honeymoon Part 2

Look we found our way back to a computer. We are on Naxos in Greece. We just spent 4 or so days in Santorini and loved it. We spent most of our time in the place we stayed, a little town called Oia, which seems to exist soley for the likes of us tourists, but it was great anyway. We spent some time down the hill (the city is on a big cliff) at Amoudi where the fishing boats tie up for the night. We had some good swims and Aaron had fun snorkling around, but it was not too colorful. There was a tiny island you had to swim out to, and only Aaron was brave enough, but it had a tiny chapel carved into it, which someone had spent a lot of time on. The floor was paved with small smooth black and white stones, arranged in patterns like a ship, spears, compass, etc. He says it was really amazing. Sometime when I am not afraid of strong currents and deep sea creatures when we are there again maybe I will take a look too.

We love to eat here (and at home). There is a dip appetizer called Tzatziki which is made out of yogurt, shredded cucumbers, garlic, olive oil, and occasionally dill or carrots too. YUM. We eat it at every meal. Aaron says “I love it, it’s the best”. No, no “It’s the best, I love it”. We will be learning how to make it when we come home so maybe you can try some too. We have been eating a lot, so we are full and fat all the time.

I’m sure we did more stuff in Santorini, like riding the donkeys up the steep hill, taking scary trams down the cliff side and jumping off high rocks into the water, but I can’t remember what else.

Today we got on a ferry and came to Naxos. We were acosted at the port by over-eager hotel owners trying to convince us to stay at their hotels. We gave in and now are staying at a hotel far from the beach with no pool. Oops. We also didn’t bring our drivers licenses because we didn’t want to lose them but they won’t rent us mopeds without them. That brings us to right now where we are waiting for the fax of our licences that dad is working on sending so we can ride around in style. Naxos is a big island and we’d like to get out of town to the far away less populated beaches and towns. Oh yeah, we went swimming here too. Lots of people at the beach. Many elderly women without tops on. Yikes.

Ok. I think that’s it we’re going to go check on our fax and get some scooters and stop wasting time in the internet cafe. Chao.

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