Adios amigos

Well obviously we are no good at keeping up on our blog. But we finished our honeymoon and it was great. Someday we will open our hotel on Naxos in Greece. You should all come visit, it will be awesome.

Aaron just told me we are only supposed to update our blog from cyber cafes anyway so I’m off the hook for not posting any more since then.

So why am I writing now? Well… Somehow I conivnced Aaron to move to Ecuador. So this is our official annoucement that we bought tickets and will be leaving October 14th. The plan thus far is to make a 6 month go of it, re-evaluate, and go from there. What are we going to do? Lots of things. Aaron will be doing one of many things: telecommuting, writing a program to sell, training Ecuadorians how to have computer skills, or perhaps a combination of those or something else entirely. Me? I’ll be working on phase one of saving the world, Project Ecuador. Aaron tries to remind me that I can’t save the whole world, but I don’t believe him yet. I’m going to be doing some combination of: running a self-esteem class for teenage girls at the orphanage, art/music/gym classes for the toddler/young orphans, running mothers groups, teaching English, teaching computer skills to ladies so they can have jobs and not have to send their babies to orphanages, teenage mother classes, or one of the other twenty ideas I have rolling around in my head. So, you are all officially invited to come visit us between October 15th and April 12th. Here is our understatement of the week for you: We are pretty excited.

So that’s our life right now. I have heard requests for more wedding photos, so if you really want to see one million photos, here is the new website where they should stay indefinately:
Kelsey & Aaron’s Wedding Photos

Maybe someday soon I will put our honeymoon pictures online too. But I have less than two months to get ready to move to Ecuador so the likelihood of that is kind of slim. Anyway. That’s all I have to blog about today.

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5 Responses to Adios amigos

  1. Jacki says:

    Wow. You should really call me.

  2. amy says:

    holy cow.

    congratulations on everything. i’m real happy for you. you love ecuador so much.

    i looked at your wedding photos, very wistfully, and want to make specific mention of your ring because it is the only time i have ever seen a diamond put to decent (read: beautiful) use. i really, really dig it. tell aaron i think he did real good.

    you should really call me, too!

  3. Michelle says:

    seriously! that’s totally awesome, and a little crazy. i would never have the guts to do something like that. good luck. and keep posting!!!

  4. vantastic says:

    you are so beautiful Quels. I want to come to Ecuador. I just got a job teaching Spanish at this private school down the street from my house…spring break, ecuador anyone?

  5. vantastic says:

    oh hey!! pregunta: where do you personally buy tickets to Ecuador? Tienes alguna secreta para mi? Quiero visitarte….de verdad.

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