Yesterday we went to interview the second midwife on Kelsey’s list. She was pretty sure she was going to use the first one we met, last week, but wanted to check out our options. I liked this midwife better, and was a little surprised to find out afterward that Kelsey did too.

Just as we finished talking with her, she said “do you want to hear your baby’s heartbeat?”

I said, with a puzzled look on my face “How — like with a stethoscope or something?” not even knowing that it could be heard at such an early stage.

It turned out to be the “something”, the name of which I won’t even try to remember, but it was basically a microphone attached to a little speaker box. She covered Kelsey’s belly with goo (I’m thinking defibrillator) and pushed the microphone around in the stuff.

After a minute we heard a heartbeat, which then sped up quite a bit.

“That’s just yours,” the midwife said to Kelsey.

After a few more minutes, we heard a small thumping, which was just about twice as fast. I grinned. Kelsey cried. The heartbeat disappeared.

“He swam away,” the midwife said. After a little more searching, the midwife put away her microphone and wiped the goo off Kelsey’s belly.

Then we went to lunch. Kelsey has pizza and salad. I had a gyro. She bought material at a craft store. I had a phone interview for a job.

I have to prep for an in person interview and wash my clothes that I spilled Tzatziki sauce on yesterday.

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2 Responses to Heartbeats

  1. Kelsey says:

    Aaron probably wanted me to add that his eyes got teary too, and the midwife called the baby an it not a boy.

  2. Jacki says:

    I’m glad you clarified. I was suspicious on the male reference.

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