Guest Post: Caelin

I asked my brother Caelin who is almost 11 to write my blog for me. I guess he didn’t want to type so I told him I would write what he said, and what did he want to say to the people who read my blog? (I’m assuming this is zero people now because we A. never post and B. post about boring things) So here is what he said:

(shoulder shrug)
are you seriously going to write this down?
why do you keep typing when i say
stop it!
i mean it!
i’m serious.
no i’m serious.
i’m dead serious!
stop. stoppppp.
(foot stomping)
(exits room)

I will post some pictures of a really great quilt I made (I’m overly proud) real soon. Other than that I’ve just been sitting around resting and eating foods and barfing. But mostly the first two.

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2 Responses to Guest Post: Caelin

  1. Brittany says:

    that was very entertaining for me! not boring. and i am very much anticipating the pictures of your quilt!

  2. amy says:

    this is probably the funniest guest post i have ever read, and i spend a lot of time on the blog-a-tron.

    we were out of town last week in tahoe, where nobody’s phone’s work. but now we are back, so call whenever the mood strikes. i think i forgot to save your number that first time you called me.

    ok, ttyl.

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