Drumroll Please…

Or not, since only 5 of you are interested in this post, I will have you know that the winner of the bright blanket is….

Kamewh!!! Yay for you!

So, Kamewh, please email me your address at: kelseyfox @ hotmail.com so I can send you off your new blanket. To those of you who didn’t win, I kinda really enjoyed having a (small) contest, so surely there will be some more in the future. What can I say, I love raffles and bingo, this seems to be a good outlet for that.

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One Response to Drumroll Please…

  1. tracie says:

    Hey, thanks for your comment. I, too, secretly look at your blog. Congrats to you and Aaron for your year anniversary and the little tike that’s on the way. If I remember correctly (which I may not due to being pregnant) didn’t you dress your cat in a sweater? :)

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