Dearest Blog Stalkers

I love you, plain and simple.

Some other people don’t. They want to make their blogs private (which is fine) or are freaked out at the thought of you in Timbuktu reading their blog. But not me. I am both honored and proud to have you.

I think the first time I realized you were out there was the time I had a contest and had people I didn’t know enter. But lately I hear more and more I hear stories about “my friend so-and-so was reading on your blog…” and I feel even more popular.

And let’s all be real with ourselves, we all blogstalk. I know I do. Reading about old roommates of my friends, people I knew growing up but now never talk to, and don’t forget about the times when I just click on the different links on random bloglists to see what people I don’t know are up to lately.

So, to all you secretly reading my blog without telling me, thanks for stopping by. Also if you want to confess yourself, then we can be friends. Chances are I may be stalking you right back.

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6 Responses to Dearest Blog Stalkers

  1. Jacki says:

    I had stalkers who came to my blog by googling “tiny blond.” I didn’t welcome them. I changed my blog settings so search engines can’t crawl it anymore, but maybe I should just rename my blog.

  2. Momeree says:

    I have a new blog that you can stalk me at. check out phyzzicalfeets.

  3. Vanessa says:

    I confess, I confess!

    You can stalk me back but you will more than likely be so bored you will cry. And I will feel bad for making you cry.

  4. Yasmine Galenorn says:

    Hey, it’s the only way we can keep up with you guys–we’re all so busy lately. Besides, I knew you’d post pictures of the baby before you sent out the announcements. 😉


  5. kellie and craig says:

    I guess I confess too. Billie must have told you that I stalk your blog, right when I read your very nicely put blog stalking letter I automatically thought you were talking to me. I also confess that I’m one of the crazies who has their blog private. Now you can put me on your list of blog stalking friends.

  6. Momma Drama says:

    I love this post. I feel exactly the same way. I even installed a widget that keeps track of where people are reading my blog from. It’s so cool when random people in India check me out! I love to stalk others too. It’s fun to poke around a blog and see what people are up to without the obligation of making contact. Good times.

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