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Sweet Reunions

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a 9-year-old girl we know from church. I have known her and her mom since I was here the first time in 2004. While sitting on a bench watching the going-ons, … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Pictures Gone?

Some of you have been wondering why I haven’t posted many (ok, any) photos. It’s one part lazy but the other part is I don’t take my camera. I have a big camera which I don’t like to tote around … Continue reading

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Dear Cuenca

Dear Cuenca, You may already know this, but I love you.  I love your huge cathedral with big blue domes.  I love your central park with scary stuffed horses for kids to get their pictures taken on.  I love your … Continue reading

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Me Gusta/No Me Gusta

Me gusta: -Avocados.  They are so cheap which  means I can eat one every day if I want.  Which I do. -Fancy fruits.  Also so cheap and super delicious. -Sunshine every day.  It rains some almost every day, but not … Continue reading

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The Ease of Difficulty.

I have been thinking a lot lately about why life seems easier in Ecuador than back in the US.  Because even though something like going to the doctor takes 7 stops to different windows just to get your appointment (ok, … Continue reading

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Aaron Still Hates the Doctor.

8am: Go to doctor at the clinic across the street. We are seen immediately. She is nice and offers to give him an anti-inflammatory injection, but also says we need to get x-rays, which they don’t do there. We will … Continue reading

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My Grown-Up Girls

On Monday evening we tagged along with the OSSO volunteers to the girls orphanage.  This orphanage usually houses girls age 5-21, although from what I can tell the oldest girl currently living there is 18.  Our kids were warmly welcomed … Continue reading

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Whiny Kids/Haunted House Museum

Yesterday my kids were ultimately whiny.  I go nuts pretty quick when my kids get whiny, and I was a mean mom yesterday who may have raised her voice more than she should have.  To be fair, we have been … Continue reading

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How to get things done, Ecuador style

#1: How to get Internet 1. Take taxi to internet company.  Hope you can find it even though you have been there 5 other times in the past, because no taxi driver ever seems to know where the hidden street … Continue reading

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Third Night In Our New House

As I lay in the two twin beds shoved together forming Harmon and Sammy’s bed, begging them to go to sleep, I was struck by the fact that the clanking of a gate somewhere outside didn’t startle me anymore.  The … Continue reading

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