Whiny Kids/Haunted House Museum

Yesterday my kids were ultimately whiny.  I go nuts pretty quick when my kids get whiny, and I was a mean mom yesterday who may have raised her voice more than she should have.  To be fair, we have been doing all sorts of things like unpacking, shopping for major purchases, getting settled, etc. I have not been giving them as much direct attention as they are used to (read: a ridiculously lot, those needy kids!) and I think that is why they have started going mental/whiny.

Last night I decided that I could probably make them less whiny by changing my behavior first, especially since we are mostly done with major shopping/settling activities.  Today instead of trying to be productive first thing (I normally hand wash a load of laundry first thing while the kids run around and play in the water on the patio) I just read them books for a while.  Then we did the laundry.  Then I took them to the museum/ruins/park that is a couple blocks from our house.  I went yesterday while they were napping to see how much it cost, it used to be $4 or so, but now it is free.  So we went and inside and on the first floor they have a trampoline.  It is the weirdest museum.  There is a little poem about how you are flying in a confined space (it’s just a regular trampoline with netting around it) which was a bit silly, but the kids loved jumping.  But remember how it is the weirdest museum?  Currently half of it is under renovation, and in front of the construction areas are pieces of video “art” which include such “gems” as a big man and a small lady in a room with a big barrel full of water in which he is holding her under for long periods at a time, which I believe is called “confession” (AWFUL!).  Half of the museum is like a haunted house, all dimly lit with creepy mannequins, not to mention the room with the REAL shrunken heads which is pitch black except for the creepy creepy heads.  Both kids declined entering that room, declaring it to be too spooky.  I didn’t complain.  The museum also houses an extensive old coin and money collection, as it is the Banco Central Museum, which is pretty interesting.  After jumping on the trampoline again we decided it was time to see the outside area.

The museum and bank sit on a huge chunk of land on a big hill.  The grounds include old Cañari rebuilt ruins, and are home to a little zoo which includes a ton of super cool parrots and eagles, llamas, and lots of grass, flowers, and a little river.  We had a fun time exploring and enjoying the warm sun.  As we walked home and stopped to get 15 cent popsicles I reminded myself of two things: 1. When your kids are whiny remember to look at why instead of being mean.  Chances are if I just give them some direct attention first, then try to get things done it will work better. (As circumstances allow, obviously.)  2. That is the weirdest museum.  Who puts a trampoline, a scary abuse video, an extensive coin collection and dark rooms with realistic creepy mannequins together in a museum?  Seriously?  Is that why they made it free???

Do you want to come visit yet?

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4 Responses to Whiny Kids/Haunted House Museum

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I kind of want to see it.

    Can you imagine life without whininess AND without neediness for 24 hours? It would be so nice. I’m ignoring my kids right now, but Abby is watching CareBears and Dylan is sitting in one of her dresser drawers tossing out her clothes. You know, the usual.

  2. Quinae says:

    I have come to the same conclusion several times over the course of several years. I would be good for awhile and then something in my life would require more intense attention and my kids would get the shaft. Then after awhile they get real whinny or overly destructive and I am like, “What is wrong with you?!” After yelling at them several times and realizing that yelling at them is not changing behavior, I re-evaluate everything and then it all starts to come back to me. Then I wonder, “Why am I not smarter and maintain this information?” Oh well, such is the cycle of life for me.

  3. Heidi Brower says:

    Yes. Yes I do want to come visit. :)

  4. Momo says:

    I was so fascinated by the shrunken heads. I definitely want to come visit them again. And you too.

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