A bit of energy

Finally after a week or two thinking about (dreading) packing and all the things that needed to get done, I found the energy tonight to get up and do some. I am happy to report I have one suitcase packed and about half my stuff sorted out. That means that all my things like toys & books I have used with my classes is now in nice piles in the front room waiting to go to OSSO and the kids. This is the weakest accomplishment ever, but I am proud, it has done wonders for my self-esteem, something that laying in bed for weeks just seems to drain out of you. Anyway, I hope for just a few more days of a bit of energy so that I can finish up what needs to get done.

Also here are some really important tips to remember while pregnant:
1. Don’t brush your tongue
2. Breathe through your mouth when you walk on the street
3. Chew your food extra good
4. You can live on gatorade (this is actually something I learned last time I lived here)
5. www.addictinggames.com is your best friend.
6. Make your husband eat chocolate in the other room, chop him when he laughs and thinks it is funny to put it by your face

I had some other important ones but I forgot them, just like I forgot about rule #1 tonight. I will make sure to write them later so that future Kelsey and whoever reads this blog will remember.

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  1. Jacki says:

    I use to gag or puke whenever I brushed my teeth pregnant. Then I switched to Barbie bubble gum toothpaste, and it got much better.

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