You’re Welcome…

For a long time now Aaron and I have given many of our couple friends joint names, just like celebrities sometimes are lucky enough to get. It started with Chate and discussions about whether Joliza or Lise (Li-zay) was a better fit, and along the way we got to know others who already had their own chosen, like Ajake. For those of you who haven’t been so lucky, today is your lucky day, as now you have a celebrity couple name. If you hate yours, then you can pick a better one, unless yours is really awesome, then you have to keep it. Or if you have a suggestion for someone else’s whose is not particularly awesome (but they are all pretty awesome) then we are all ears. Enjoy.

PS We are still between Aarsey and Kelron. I’m voting Kelron. We considered Karon, but that’s almost like a real name.

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6 Responses to You’re Welcome…

  1. Casey says:

    Bensey huh? It has a certain ring to it. :)

  2. Brittany says:

    i like ours. it’s much better than ‘witney’

  3. Brower Family says:

    Thanks Kelsey. I always wanted someone to give me one of these names. I am glad that you didn’t pick Herrod. That is not such a good one. I love you and your blog. p.s. i was wondering if you could post a blog about how you came to the decision of Harmon’s name. I like it and I want to know how it came to be.

  4. hollyhs says:

    ha ha! that’s pretty clever! i vote for Kelron too! :)

  5. v a n e s s a says:

    Will you be sad if I say I’m relieved I’m single?

    jk I’m only saying that because i’m secretly jealous!

  6. sherryandbryon says:

    We definitely got the best celebrity name on the list… Shyon! I love it… who wouldn’t??? Thanks Kelron. :)

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