We’re Fighting

My baby and me, that is. Currently the baby is winning, controlling my body so that I can’t do much of anything except sleep and lie around. I thought “yes! Pregnancy is the best excuse to eat whatever and how much you want!” Turns out my baby can’t stand anything made of chocolate, or sweets in general. Ok or food in general except veggies and water. If Aaron brings anything faintly chocolately near me, I have the strong urge to throw up. And my entire body hurts. But other than that, things are going well. Aaron laughs at me while I look at pictures of pregnant bellies online and constantly ask when mine will grow. Probably about the time chocolate tastes ok again.

Since I have not left the house really at all, I’ve been doing a lot of crafts which are easy to accompish sitting or lying down. Here are a few gems for you to see:

I finally busted out the sewing machine and first made this zippered pouch. I should probably add it’s supposed to be not even like that. But I should have made it more so.

Next I decided to make all the OSSO girl valentines zipper pouches filled with candy. So far 2.5 are done. This is not my finest creation.

After frustration with the valentine pouch linings, I moved on to repurposing my shirts that are too streched out/shrunken. One got made into a tote bag, but that one is not pictured here because it is ugly. But quite useful. If I left the house of course. This is a picture of the second shirt, or what became of it. A little purse/tote thing. I was much happier with it but that’s probably because skulls with hearts is always a good idea.

And this final one is some yo-yos I made up for a secret project.

Anyway. I’ve managed to keep almost a little bit busy, but mostly I’m going crazy being bored and not feeling well. But Aaron is taking good care of me, and I’m not throwing up, so I guess I can’t complain all that much.

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6 Responses to We’re Fighting

  1. Jacki says:

    Rachel would be proud of your sewing. I had success with keeping down bits of canned pineapple.

  2. AJ says:

    I LOVE LOVE the yo-yos. Will you teach me?

  3. Kelsey says:

    AJ I emailed Jake because I don’t have your email address. But if you look on here again, here is the address: yoyos they are super easy

  4. Michelle says:

    i’m so sorry you don’t feel good! hopefully you’ll feel better soon. i wish there was some magic food or anything that made all the yuckyness go away, but i’ve never seen one! good luck with all your projects and getting bigger don’t worry it’ll happen all at once and then you’ll be wondering when you’ll be able to wear pants with a button and zipper again.

  5. shadylady says:

    At the risk of sounding like an Adele Davis fanatic (thanks Mom), I can only recommend Vitamin B6. It helped me immensely with morning sickness. Oh, and soda crackers and Star Trek.

  6. Jenna says:

    Ah you poor thing! What is this about your child not liking sweets? Sad day! I would have a hard time not being able to eat those…but at least s/he likes veggies…that is another thing that would be hard to live with out!

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