Welcome to the Ward, Church Cry Baby

On Sunday I had been asked to give part of the lesson in RS (women’s group at church). The teacher had specifically asked me to talk about Ecuador, which is probably the only reason I consented, as I HATE giving lessons, talking in church, etc. If you’ve ever seen me do one of those things, you know why. I love to talk, just not give talks. I’m awkward like that.

Anyway, partway through the lesson she calls me up and I begin to talk. Wait, I should add that we moved into the ward in May, but have been gone a lot, and consequently know almost no one. So let’s just say that within the first 20 seconds I am crying. A lot. And continue to cry pretty much through the next 10 minutes of talking. I’m sure I made a lot of good points, if anyone could make out what I was saying.

Within 30 seconds of sitting down and feeling like a total idiot (the blank stares were enough to make you think you were a fool) Aaron and Harmon appeared at the door needing a diaper and I was more than happy to escape.

So to my new ward: don’t ask me to talk in church, ever. Yes I will cry like that every time. Even if I’m just talking about tithing. It’s just not good for anyone. Especially me. Thanks.

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4 Responses to Welcome to the Ward, Church Cry Baby

  1. Sarah says:

    I bet if I asked your ward, they would say it was great. 😀

  2. Li'l Aly says:

    Being that you were in church, I would hope instead of blank stares there would have been some empathy!

    Hormones and homesickness! You are sweet, Kels!

  3. Billie and Brian Taggart says:

    I thought it was a requirement to cry in RS. I am sure you did super great!

  4. Lola says:

    kelsey, i just had to tell you. i was reading your latest post and my 2 year old niece walked up and pointed to your baby countdown and says: "Look, Lauren, baby's in the laundry."

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