Trip Review

I know you were dying to know how our trip this extended weekend went. If you ever think that you can save time and money flying to Spokane on Southwest for $29 each way, you are wrong. You are wrong because your flight will be delayed two hours making the shuttle to the hotel you made reservations at be done for the night, and you will have to pay for a cab. Not only that, but you will pay for a hotel on two ends, both when you fly in before you drive to Montana, and the night before the early morning flight you booked coming home. Also your good deal on a rental car will be thwarted by the insurance which costs more than the rental car itself. It was a good idea in theory, but next time you should just drive the 7 1/2 hours or pay a bit more to fly to Montana. I suppose that is more advice for me than you, but just in case.

As you may remember I own a cat but this said cat lives in Montana with Aaron’s parents because she moved there when we went to Ecuador, and the place we currently live doesn’t let us have pets. I shamelessly admit I love this cat more than I should, and was quite excited when she climbed out of the insulation in the garage and came running to see me upon arrival. Also within an hour or so of being there she had gifted us with a mouse outside our room door. Such a sweet cat. I even managed to make her sleep in our room a couple of nights, and every morning around 545am when I would eat my cereal she was really helpful in sticking her face into my bowl. Apparently she likes Lucky Charms and Rice Krispies. Aaron pointed out that perhaps the Lucky Charms looked like her Meow Mix.

In human news we had a great time with Aaron’s parents & family we got to visit there. We got to see Aaron’s brother’s cute little baby girl, and we ate lots and lots of really tasty food as always. And we were ultimately impressed by the things growing in the garden, namely the giant zucchini & squash taking over everything. Aaron and I swam across the lake with his dad, which was fun as always, although it’s much more difficult with a giant baby trying to sink you. But the people on the shore were impressed with the large pregnant lady’s swimming skills, so it was extra worth it.

On our way home we decided to stay in Cour d’Alene on the way back because our flight was at 7am and cutting off 2 1/2 hours of early morning driving seemed like a good idea. This is the part where I brag about how I have the best most wonderful husband in the entire universe because I do. He gave me a lovely belated birthday gift of going to a really fun/fancy resort/hotel and a pregnancy massage at their spa. It was the best!!!!!! (That’s a lot of exclamation points for emphasis) We had a great time walking on their boardwalk and swimming in the pool, eating too much good food, and wishing that we could stay longer. We will next time. You know, when our kids are all grown up and we are retired. That will be fun.

And now we’re home, and Aaron is back at work, and I am back at doing nothing. So call me, because you know I’m just here hanging out.

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