The Problem With Credit Cards

You probably thought I was going to say debt, but I wasn’t.

First, a week or so ago I got a call from a 402 area code, and decided to answer it. A nice recording told me I should stay on the line so I could get my credit card rate lowered. I thought, I don’t have a balance, but what the heck, why not! But then before I got a person, I thought, hmmm why didn’t they say which credit card it was for? Then a lady answered laughing and said “hello”. First thing I asked her what credit card she was calling for. No response, she hangs up on me. Later I call the number back and get a recording that says thanks for calling back, and if I wanted on the do not contact list then I could leave my name and address after the beep. Ummm, no thanks. And also I won’t be giving you my credit card numbers either, scammers.

The real problem with credit cards is online shopping. I don’t mean that I do it too much (ok, I do) but that when you shop online, even at reputable places, they keep your card on file. Just for fun of course. Or because you “may” want to use it next time. No thanks, I can enter it in every time just fine. Anyway. Last week I got a call from my credit card company (it was actually them!) saying there had been some flags for fraud. We went through the charges and there were things like googlekit and easycheck and other strange but small charges. Credit card canceled, problem solved.

But then, my mom called me. As it turns out, I received some packages at her house. Rather Kelsey Fox received some packages at her house, including Acai potions, colon cleansing products, a google kit on how to make money, and other various spam items. What??? The best we can figure is spammers broke into somewhere that my credit card was stored from at least two years ago when my name was Kelsey Fox and I used my mom’s address, and used it to buy things on their website. I guess the good news is that now I can get skinny like Oprah and be cleansed and make millions on google. The even better news? Apparently they didn’t think I needed any viagra.

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2 Responses to The Problem With Credit Cards

  1. Lois Draper says:

    I have been getting the same phone calls for about a month now. I always hung up for the same reason… it never mentioned what credit card it was for. I never thought more about it. Do you think the things were connected? Should I look into my credit cards?

  2. AJ says:

    this is a funny little post. good story.

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