The Past 4 Weeks

Week 1: Not great.  I sat in my bed like an invalid and did nothing.  I was happy to have a great new baby, but honestly I felt really junky/low low low energy.  I don’t remember feeling that weak/low energy the other two times I produced children.  Slowest week of my life.

Week 2: I more or less was still in invalid mode.  This week I spent a little more time downstairs, but it felt like I remembered week 1 after childbirth feeling.  I must be getting too old to have children.  Luckily Aaron was home this week too.  Second slowest week of my life.

Week 3: I am now alone with 3 kids.  Day one goes great.  Day two I yell a lot.  But overall it is awesome.  I love having 3 kids, I love feeling like a contributing member of society (look I made lunch and no one died!) and getting back to normal.  I still feel pretty junky.  I leave the house with 3 kids a few times and we all make it home safe.

Week 4: I leave the house with 3 children ages 4 & under almost every day.  It is tricky but thanks to a newly arrived baby carrier we manage pretty well.  Most comments from strangers are along the lines of: “you have your hands full!” so maybe I am not managing as well as I think?  I am glad I have done all of the Christmas shopping for our immediate family before having a baby.  The kids seem happy to have their mom sort of playing with them again.  We still watch a lot of movies in my bedroom.

Life is good.

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One Response to The Past 4 Weeks

  1. Josh says:

    Watch out for that post-pardum! I’m sure you guys are aware of it though. Just keep the PRO’s in mind of having children close together.

    P.S. read the birth story so I would also watch your blood pressure and such. Mommy may need a check-up.

    P.P.S. loved the christmas card and letter!

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