Thank You?

me: “hello”

dad: “hi, i have to cancel lunch today because i have to set up a watering system for the concrete. really, i’m doing you a favor.”

me: “how is that?”

dad: “because now it will be easy for you to go out and water the concrete, just flip a switch.”

me: “um, i think i only signed up to watch the dog”

dad: “you will be happy someday when i am dead and you sell the house that doesn’t have broken concrete in it”

me: “so i get no lunch today and have to water the concrete?”

dad: “right, and you will be so happy in the future”

me: “i can hardly wait.”

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3 Responses to Thank You?

  1. Sarah says:

    Concrete is delicious.

  2. Robert says:

    Dave/Rick would’ve have taken you to lunch!

  3. Momeree says:

    Todd went by to see the work being performed on said project, and happily informed me that it is truly low quality work that will come to bite David & Jama in the ass later, down the road, but hey ~ he warned them! I just smiled.

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