Super uninteresting things about me

-I am obsessed with the mail.  I always have been a fan of checking the mail.  And getting mail.  And I love sending mail.  But now for some reason I love all mail.  I love junk mail.  I have to look at the ads.  I have to go through that envelope stuffed full of “coupons”.  Just today I realized I could buy a magazine I love for $11 for two years.  It was most joyful.  I am kind of ridiculous.

-I need to learn how to finish projects.  I will often start something with grand intentions, get 2/3 done and then put it away when I hit some sort of giant snag.  This applies to quilts, crafts, books, cleaning, organizing, putting pictures on walls, and laundry.  Ok the laundry is never actually 2/3 done (I celebrate when it is clean, forget about folded and put away) and books usually get forgotten about because when I have the time (night time) I am far too tired to read.

-I am pretty sure I was nicer before I had kids.  I think I used to be able to wait patiently in lines and not want to neck chop as many people for their misbehavior.  I’m not blaming my kids specifically for this change, but since one bedtime takes all the patience I used to need in two weeks of pre-children time I am a lot more jerky.  Ok also I used to sleep more.

-My dad calls me a pioneer to my face but a hippie behind my back.  This amuses me to no end.  I fully acknowledge my tendency to do weird things like buy unscented shampoo so I can add essential oils to make it smell how I want and have babies at home, but feel like my ability to eat an entire pack of girl scout cookies and seven cokes really balances me out.

-I am apparently also obsessed with water bottles.  Yesterday I brought home one of those plastic cups with a lid and straw from the grocery store, which made Aaron wonder how many water bottles a person needs.  The answer is lots.  And their kids might need lots too.  There is nothing wrong with hydration, people!

-I wish I blogged more.  I think of such funny things to tell all four of you at night while lying in my bed.  But in the daytime I can’t remember them.  Maybe I should get one of those voice recorder things so I can dictate a blog post for the next day.

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3 Responses to Super uninteresting things about me

  1. crystal says:

    i love reading your posts. they always make me smile.

  2. Penelope says:

    Hey, would you like my junk mail? I’ve been getting offers for cremation and hearing aids, and AARP is still trying to get us to join the ranks. Ugh. You can have those, too. I can save them up and send them bi-annually, or forward them as they come. LOL

    You are sooo funny.

    Love you!

  3. vanessa joie says:

    yay i found your blog again!

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