Spoiler Alert!

If you guessed my baby’s gender right, and you want to be surprised, close your eyes right now. Today one of these fine things were mailed to you, depending on who you are. Unless you are Jenna, then yours is still being created.

These are crayon rolls, real handy for not losing crayons.

This is a wrist pin cushion for those who like sewing.

This beauty is a rug made from plastic bags, made for my earth friendly friend.
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4 Responses to Spoiler Alert!

  1. Tracy says:

    Kelsey who are you?! I had no idea you were such a crafty girl! Everything you keep posting is so cute, you are awesome!

  2. Sarah says:

    The crayon roll is the cutest thing ever! Curse the day I guessed you were having a girl!

  3. Billie & Brian Taggart says:

    I know that I didn’t guess the gender right but…I think I would really enjoy one of those crayon holders! Don’t I get a prize for getting close to the right answer?! If it wasn’t a boy it was a girl and that was my guess…so what do ya say?!

  4. sherryandbryon says:

    So, I just went to check my mail and what did I find? Two of the cutest little crayon holders I have ever seen… a boy one and a girl one! That was SO sweet of you to send the twins each their own set. They are napping right now, but as soon as they get up, I think we will have to color something because they will love using these. Kelsey, really, truly, you should start a little business (although you are always welcome to send me free stuff in the mail! :) Anyway, THANK YOU! They are too cute and I know they will get used a ton! Oh, and just so you know… I will definitely be entering any future contests that you have… :) THANKS!
    love, sherry

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