Snow can be really great

Top Four Reasons For Loving Snow Yesterday…

4. Your husband will build really cute little snowman at first snow

3. Your husband will make a snow angel with no shoes and shortsleeves

2. Your husband will jump in the lake:


Gratuitous Baby Photo:

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6 Responses to Snow can be really great

  1. amy says:

    WOWEE! Aaron is hardcore. And your kid’s bib is a riot. You win!

  2. Christie says:

    I can’t believe Aaron jumped into the water!!! COLD!!! I’m cold just looking at this picture.

  3. hollyhs says:

    wow…that’s some guts!

    i LOVE harmon’s shirt. too funny!!!

  4. Brittany says:

    okay, aaron is still a great car rescuer. but i think he might be a little crazy…jumping in the lake?!!! really?!!! yep, crazy.

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh! I laughed so hard when I saw Aaron jumped in the lake! Did he scream?

  6. Billie and Brian Taggart says:

    Wow your husband be crazy! I like Harmon’s shirt that is awesome!

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