Seeking Volunteers for Ecuador – Sponsor Available

Aaron Writes:

In 2004 Kelsey went to Ecuador to participate in the OSSO program.  She did volunteer work at orphanages and made many new friends there, both Ecuadorian and among the other volunteers. She brought Aaron back with her to see the place & people she loved so much.  In 2007, shortly after getting married, we moved to Ecuador together for 6 months, frequently visiting the orphanages and OSSO house. We returned to the USA after Kelsey got pregnant.  4 years and 2 children later, we’re moving back again.

It’s safe to say Ecuador has a permanent place in our hearts, and that Kelsey’s experience with OSSO has had a major part in shaping our lives.

We want others to have that experience.  If you want to volunteer, if you’d like to experience the wonderful Ecuadorian culture, make lifelong friends, and have your heart touched by children who need your love, please consider volunteering for OSSO.  If money is a concern, don’t let that be an obstacle.

We can help 1 person with up to $2,000 towards the cost of your OSSO program fee. This doesn’t include the application fee or spending money.  Our only stipulation is that you work with all your heart for at least 8 weeks.  If you happen to be in Cuenca when we’re there, you can buy us dinner if you’d like to say thanks.

Send us a note if you’re seriously interested or have any questions about our experience.  Check out for more information.

Kelsey Writes: P.S. We are currently looking to send someone who has not gone before, and please pass this along to any of your interested friends!

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8 Responses to Seeking Volunteers for Ecuador – Sponsor Available

  1. Brittany says:

    This post nearly made me cry. You two are awesome.

  2. Penny says:

    How wonderfully generous. I sure wish I was younger, in good health, and single. Haaaaa! I’m so ruled out.

    Thank goodness for blogs so you can share in your experience in Ecuador. Your mommy is going to miss you, but you need to do what feels right.

    Love you… Aunt P

  3. Whitney Youngstrom says:

    I have a strong desire to volunteer to help at the Orphange in Equador. Please inform me on any other information that I need. I would really appreciate it.
    I look forward to your reply.

  4. Courtney Youngstrom says:

    I am Whitney’s mother. This is something that she has truly dreamed about since she was young. She would be a wonderful volunteer. She has a huge heart and is always serving others. This is the perfect time in her life to be able to accomplish such a huge goal. I was sad to think that I wouldn’t be able to provide her with the financial support that she needs to be able to do this. Please consider her for your generous gift. Thank you Courtney Youngstrom

  5. ai says:

    You KNOW I’m interested but maybe don’t need the money as badly as someone else might but I am certainly willing and money is a bit of an obstacle. Do you know what the total is? I’ll also ask around to see if anyone else is interested who may need it more than me….but if we don’t find any one :). My contract ends Feb 25. I may extend another 3 months if they’ll keep me at the same place because the pay is good and then I won’t need any help and may be able to help someone else as well or add to your little fund. If they don’t extend me I don’t know what I’m going to do and money will be an issue but I’ll come if you’ll have me.

  6. Bekah Lundquist says:

    I would LOVE to come! I’ve wanted to do come and help out in the orphanages for two years now, really the only thing stopping me is the money. If it wasnt for that I would be there in a heart beat! My sister did it years ago and love it! I would love to have that same experience if this sponsorship was still available?

  7. Ashley Burdett says:

    I have never been before and this is a dream of mine. I am planning on going for sure because I feel that it is very important to me. I graduate college in social work here in april and I’d like to go sometime in aug for 2 to 3 months. I want to make a difference and help these children out. I have heard nothing but great things about this opportunity and feel that I’m the right person for this sponsorship. Please let me know if this sponsorship is still avialable. It would mean the world to me and truly help me out.
    Thanks so much,

    Ashley Burdett

  8. Kim ennis says:

    First I have to say that this will be such a blessing to someone and God Bless you for going this. Second, My husband and I along with our two children are wanting to come work at the orphanage within a year and maybe moving there someday. My question is, do you think we could exchange email addresses because I really would love to talk with someone who has experience in this and could help me plan our mission trip. Again, thank you for giving someone an opportunity that without you would not be possible.
    Kim Dennis

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