Second Entry for Parent of the Year

1. Place fully mobile baby child on bed so you can get dressed after a shower
2. Give baby child a hairbrush so he doesn’t jump off the bed face first and break himself
3. Go into bathroom to get something for half a second, assuming that said hairbrush is a really amazing toy that will keep child totally intrigued
4. Run back just in time to watch baby child dive face first off of bed on top of hairbrush (which he was reaching for because he threw it off)
5. Pick up crying child
6. Try not to laugh several minutes later when many tiny bumps appear on side of face where face met hairbrush
7. Cry because you forgot to take a picture
8. Hope friends that read blog don’t turn you in to CPS

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4 Responses to Second Entry for Parent of the Year

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh that's funny!! Luckily, I quit my job with CPS last month, so your secret is safe. ha!

  2. Penny says:

    Far be it from me to criticize your mothering skills. I'm still ducking CPS for not giving our kids a balanced meal consistently. They mostly ate sliced cheese and apples, crackers and chocolate milk.

    I am going to Heaven for not letting them watch Different Strokes. And… I told them they couldn’t watch MTV, but I know they did. At least I tried.

    You are doing a good job Kelsey.

  3. Sarah says:

    But we did watch Different Strokes. You wouldn't let me watch Boomerang though and I was bitter.

    Kelsey, next time turn on MTV to distract him.

  4. Penny says:

    Hmmm… well then I am going to Heaven for not letting you watch Boomerang. I think I just complained a lot about the main actor's attitude toward adults in Diff Strokes.

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