Sammy’s pulling herself up

I just wanted to get the jump on Kelsey on this announcement. Trouble’s abrewin’, because Sammy can now pull herself up to standing.

She’d just done it when I walked in the door this afternoon, and right after Kelsey left and Harmon was crying hysterically, so I made him some more chocolate milk, Sammy pulled herself up on a box, waved with one hand and came crashing down. I put Harmon down and picked a crying Sammy up; he started up again, hyperventalating from too much crying, and blood started dripping from her lip.

I texted Kelsey that everything was alright, gave Harmon his chocolate milk, and cleaned up Sammy’s bloody lip.

Having kids is fun. She’s just pulled herself up my pant leg and he wants food.

When is Kelsey coming back?

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3 Responses to Sammy’s pulling herself up

  1. Sarah says:

    Ahhhhhhh …… Sounds relaxing.

  2. Natalie says:

    Sammy is so skilled for her little age! She is a super girl who wants to be just like her big brother.

  3. Momeree says:

    They are such cool kids :)

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