This is not a post to tell you all how awesome I am for quitting all the coke and dr. pepper I drink. It’s a post to whine about how much I like coke and dr. pepper and how every fast food restaurant I drive by is calling to me. Very loudly. Woe is me. I wish I could say I was giving up my vices for a good reason, like being healthier, but instead it’s just for vanity because I’m tired of being fat and I don’t like diet drinks.

Also if you were wondering if I died at Great Wolf, I didn’t. I almost did, but I didn’t. Moral of the story: don’t let greed make you take your two very small children anywhere like that. You will be sorry. I would complain more, but I knew what I was getting myself into, so I must take it like a (wo)man.

Did I mention I REALLY want a coke right now????

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4 Responses to Quitting

  1. Casey says:

    I can relate. I drink soda when I'm pregnant because the caffeine helps my migraines go away. Weaning myself off it afterward is such a pain. :(

  2. vanessa joie says:

    You can do eeeet! I don't like diet sodas either. Blech. They give me a headache.


  3. hollyhs says:

    hang in there woman! i gave up my precious diet cokes and it took me months before the craving went away. you just gotta be strong. sucks for sure though. :)

  4. Christie says:

    You can do it, I've been off Dr.Pepper for over 5 years now…it SUCKED not drinking it at first but you can do it!!!

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