Papa Noel, Part 1

Today we went to our first Christmas party of the season, it was at the baby-5 year old orphanage. It was quite fun, and at the end when Papa Noel came he was a big hit. Well ok, at first all the kids kind of hid behind whatever adult was standing nearest to them, but after a little bit they warmed up. But right away Papa Noel was a hit among the adults and volunteers, with his awesome dance moves. It was really a shame my video camera battery was dead, I will work on finding it from someone else. Eventually Papa Noel was popular with the kids, getting hugs, requests to get picked up, and getting fed soup by the kids. The pictures I really wish I could post are of a 4 1/2 year old boy in Papa Noel’s arms trying to acertain whether or not this is actually Papa Noel. First he looks at his beard, then touches it, then kind of lifts it up. He seems satisfied enough (I have no clue how, it’s a horrible beard) and then proceeds to open up Papa Noel’s jacket to see if there is a pillow inside. When he just sees a red shirt with a fat-looking belly (pillow nicely fit underneath) he seems to be satisfied that this is Papa Noel indeed. Later when Papa Noel had to leave, he and the 7 year old girl who had been hanging off each of his hands had to be restrained. Papa Noel flew away into the night, and they weren’t as excited to see Aaron walk in the door as they normally are.

Here is a picture I am allowed to post because it is my friend Mercedes who works there and her beautiful daughter Carolina. Carolina was probably the only kid not scared at the beginning.

I guess I should add that I would post the other pictures, but it is against Ecuadorian law to put pictures of orphans on websites/internet without written permission of the orphanage director. So you will just have to enjoy this one. I also want you to note the nice nativity they have built in the background, which includes a lot of plastic toy/doll houses. It makes me laugh kind of hard.

Tomorrow we have two more parties, another orphanage and church party. It is rumored that Papa Noel will be visiting both. More pictures to come.

Oh, and here is our awesome tiny tree that cost $3. The star is held on with a bobby pin, hence why it is having some issues.

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