Nuns Who Microwave

This morning my phone rang and Sor Teresa had an important assignment. She needed to know about a form of speech delay for one of the boys, and wondered if I could look it up online and bring her some info. I did this gladly, as it took me about 3 minutes and I can imagine it taking her hours. We went over to deliver it, making sure to get some balloons and candy for the boys for valentine’s day, and flowers for Sor Teresa (I looked really loved walking over there). After a bit of talking to Sor Teresa another nun we know came over and she asked Sor Teresa if she had called us over to help her. She said no, but now we were here and could probably help. They then explained to me that they got a new microwave and it was in English and they could not figure it out.

Let’s just stop and be real honest. I don’t think they could have figured it out in Spanish either. At one point during my explanation of the buttons (there were not too many) there were four or so nuns gathered around in awe and wonder. I kind of think they have never microwaved before in their lives, ever. Except the old nun who wanted me to explain it to her, she claimed “this one is not like my sister’s in Vermont!” After I showed them all the buttons and made a translation on their booklet with diagram, a worker appeared with some microwave popcorn bags. Oh my. The questions about “where can we buy this?” “how do you cook it?” “can you use the same bag over and over?” “do we just put popcorn into this special bag?” I just loved it. And then I put the popcorn into the microwave and cooked it. And it was like magic. It was cheesy popcorn, which needed the kraft mac&cheese powder like substance poured on it after, so the worker and nun had a great time shaking and pouring. Eventually everyone tried some and all rejoiced.

Anyway, I just thought it was a cute story, something you never think about, nuns not knowing how to microwave. But now they will have warm drinks and bread and maybe even some popcorn now and then.

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2 Responses to Nuns Who Microwave

  1. Brittany says:

    hi birthday twin! and half-birthday twin! your nun popcorn story makes me laugh. and wyatt laughed even harder. wyatt wants to know if it is half-way forward to our birthdays…or half-way backward?

  2. sherryandbryon says:

    hi kelsey! i was so excited to hear from you. it’s been too long! i can’t believe all the adventures you’ve been up to and congrats on the pregnancy (i did already know about that because teddie told me). i’m so happy for you. i will definitely stalk you now that i know you have a blog… :)
    love, sherry

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