No More Injuries, Please!

I failed to mention that almost two weeks ago while visiting the Roseros, Harmon was running on the back patio area, tripped and fell, and hit his head quite hard on a concrete wall corner.  It had a very large goose-egg, and almost immediately turned an awful shade of black.  In the time since then it has turned mostly yellow, but a little bit of color still remains.  I off and on worry that he has smashed his skull in half, but since he doesn’t complain and still knows his colors in Spanish I figure he is probably ok.

And obviously you now know about Aaron’s issues which remain to be solved.

Tonight Sammy was feeling left out and decided to fall off her chair right before dinner.  I ran over to pick her up, and it appeared that her right arm had come out of the socket.  So so so great, exactly what we needed.  She was crying, Aaron was freaking, so we moved it a little bit and then she was able to partially move it.  Since we live across the street from a clinic and emergency room it was hurriedly decided that I would run over there with her.  On the way over Sammy was crying and saying “no doctor!  I feel better!  I happy now!  I feel better!”  When I assured her she would not be getting a shot like her father this morning and would only be receiving a checkup she stopped professing her happiness.

The pediatrician was still hanging around and we were able to see him within 5 minutes.  He moved her arm around a lot, which made her cry, but when I asked her if he was hurting her or if she was just scared, she said just scared.  I am sure it hurt too, but Sammy is not fond of strangers, especially strangers who are touching her.  I would probably add strangers who are touching her on her recently injured shoulder to her list of great dislikes.  He told me that he didn’t see anything (by this point she was able to fully extend her arm every which way) and that to be sure I could go get an x-ray.  Lucky!  Sammy took some medicine for the pain, and has been totally fine all evening.  If she is hurting at all in the morning, we will get her x-rayed, as we happen to be going first thing back to the hospital to pick up Aaron’s lab test and see his doctor again, so why not?  We are just glad that baby girl seems to be ok.

Bad things come in threes, so I am totally safe from serious injury, right???

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8 Responses to No More Injuries, Please!

  1. Momo says:

    Momo no like.

  2. Natalie says:

    you have to be done with this bad streak…any day?!

  3. Sarah says:

    Yeah, stop getting hurt, everyone.

  4. Lois Draper says:

    So, I know one good thing that has come from you being so far away. You are blogging again. In know more about your life now that you are in Ecuador than when you were here. Now I can have something to do when wasting time on the internet. Miss you all and if you really want guest we would love to come visit!

  5. Elizabeth says:


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