Much Rejoicing

I don’t think I ever mentioned Aaron’s car accident again after mentioning that he totaled his truck. Most of you thought that meant it just got pretty banged up, but it is indeed actually totaled in the unfixable category. That was a bummer, since we were covered for liability only, but not the worst thing in the entire world. Since we had had the truck for only a couple months it stinks a lot, but again, it could have been worse. The worst thing (ok, that’s a bit dramatic) in the world was the other car. Although (thankfully) not totaled, we apparently only had $10,000 of coverage on hitting someone else’s car, and we quickly got a call letting us know the damage was approaching that limit, and was not even fully taken apart yet. Yikes. We had visions of owing thousands of dollars and with Aaron’s upcoming layoff, this was not a delightful thought. Our insurance company told us they were sending some sort of waiver to the other company, in which they will say $10k is enough and we won’t be responsible for more than that. His accident was over a month ago, so you can imagine the sweating we have done waiting for them to sign the form.

Today I got a message from the insurance claim lady. I was quite terrified at first, even though her voice sounded happy. Eventually she gets to the part where she says the damage was over $10k our limit, but that they did sign the form.

PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! Many sighs of relief and prayers of gratitude at our house today.

PS How does one only buy $10k worth of insurance when tons of the cars on the road are worth many times that??? How can they even sell that?

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3 Responses to Much Rejoicing

  1. Leslie says:

    I think insurance is the biggest scam ever. But… I’m glad they paid your claim and that all is ok…

  2. Jenna says:

    Glad to hear that all is ok. So lady, I think you’re coming here next week. Whats the plan? call me/email/comment on the blog. Look foward to seeing you and meeting Harmon!!!

  3. Penny says:

    I am soooo sorry sweety. I did not know about the accident. What a relief there was no personal injury. So now what?

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